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As the names suggest, .Spotlight-V100 is a Spotlight index for the contents, and .Trashes is the Trash folder for the volume.


If you empty the Trash in the Finder, then that should clear the contents of the .Trashes folder.

The Spotlight folder is unlikely to be massive. I have one that's 500Mb on a 2 TB drive (that's c. 50% full).

FWIW, I can access the Spotlight folder on my external drives, but the .Trashes denies me, as it has no read attributes.

    [email protected] Media City % ls -la
total 24
[email protected] 18 Ben   staff    576 19 May 19:41 .
drwxr-xr-x   5 root  wheel    160  7 Aug 17:53 ..
[email protected]  1 Ben   staff  10244 29 Nov  2021 .DS_Store
d--x--x--x  10 Ben   staff    320  6 Aug 09:47 .DocumentRevisions-V100
drwx------   5 Ben   staff    160 30 May  2020 .Spotlight-V100
d-wx--x--t   5 Ben   staff    160 26 Sep  2020 .TemporaryItems
d-wx--x--t   3 Ben   staff     96 29 Oct  2021 .Trashes
drwx------  26 Ben   staff    832  6 Aug 09:46 .fseventsd

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