AirBox Go is the portable wireless charger Swiss Army knife

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What does it take to be the Swiss Army knife of portable wireless chargers today? Earning that title requires a way to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods without actually looking like an open Swiss Army knife. Enter AirBox Go from Momax, a self-described charging capsule with a big battery and USB-C. What looks like an ordinary power bank actually hides a lot within.


Portable wireless charger

At a glance, AirBox Go really does look like your run-of-the-mill portable battery with some interesting design choices. It’s mostly white with a silver accent, features USB-C and charging status indicator lights, and there’s a carrying strap that signals portability.

AirBox Go touts 25W power delivery and uses a 10,000 mAh battery for storing all that juice. Momax claims its battery capsule can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Still, you might be skeptical that all that charging can happen simultaneously upon first inspection. Then you’ll learn how this battery capsule pulls off the trick of being an excellent portable wireless charger.

MagSafe for iPhone

AirBox Go is designed to wirelessly charge iPhone 12 and beyond with its official MagSafe charging pad. This is the big circular area with an integrated magnet that lets your iPhone snap into place without worrying about proper alignment for wireless charging.

MagSafe is a great enhancement to the wireless charging experience, and integrating the technology with a portable wireless charger is ideal. Your iPhone snaps into place and holds on magnetically. There’s no right or wrong way for how to get optimal wireless charging. Just connect it and forget it.

Apple Watch dock

Then there’s the familiar Apple Watch charging puck, laying flush atop the charging capsule as you’d expect. But wait, it’s also adjustable so you can dock your Apple Watch without wrapping certain band designs around the battery. For me, this was the first moment of, “Whoa, Momax thought this thing through, didn’t they?”

AirPods compartment

The next moment of surprise is around AirPods charging. How exactly do you charge your AirPods with this battery capsule, and why is it called a capsule anyway? I assumed you either charged with the MagSafe adapter (because you can) when not charging the iPhone or with a USB-C to Lightning cable (because you also can). The actual intended method is very clever and way cooler.

AirBox Go has that silver panel on the otherwise all-white battery, and that’s not just a Momax design choice. The silver bit is actually a secret door that lifts up to reveal a hidden compartment for wirelessly charging AirPods.

There’s even a slim opening in the panel that lines up with the charging status light on the AirPods case. This lets you know when the case and AirPods are actively being charged as well as when charging completes.

This is both whimsical and practical. I wouldn’t feel great about using the strap to carry the battery capsule with a phone or watch attached. Meanwhile, you can totally stow away your AirPods in the charging bay and grab the battery pack by the strap with your hands full. I’ve tested this compartment with my AirPods Pro charging case. Momax sizes it up to also work with AirPods (third-gen) cases.

USB-C input/output

Lastly, AirBox Go features a USB-C port for recharging the battery capsule. Momax also lets you use this USB-C port for charging out to another device when you’re not using the MagSafe iPhone charger. USB-C power delivery is a must-have for modern power banks now that it’s on nearly all of our devices.

The USB-C port for recharging is also where I had my third “wow” moment with AirBox Go. Momax made this battery capsule so you can easily recharge your mobile devices on-the-go, and it’s great for doing just that! But there’s also a life hack to be discovered.

AirBox Go is also an excellent travel charger for powering up devices overnight, too! With a single USB-C cable and power adapter, you have one compact device to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods overnight. Plus the 10,000 mAh battery inside will be ready to go as well.

Get your AirBox Go battery capsule

Momax AirBox Go is a fantastic modern charging solution to have in your portable wireless charger toolkit. The latest technology like MagSafe and USB-C make it worth considering, and the thoughtful consideration of Apple Watch charger flexibility and the AirPods stowaway compartment make it a must-have battery capsule. Momax is bringing AirBox Go to Kickstarter soon, and you can become an earlier backer and get your hands on your own by following the project.

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