The Reasons Why I Joined Rockset

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Before Rockset, I ran global sales engineering for a competitor in the real-time analytics space that commercialized Apache Druid, but Rockset thinks about solving data analytics problems differently. That’s why I’m here. I believe Rockset does three things better than anyone else in this market.

First, it reduces time to market by solving a complex problem in a very simple way. Talk to any data architect and they will bemoan the complexities of designing and re-architecting a data pipeline. Rockset believes your data doesn’t need to change and should be ingested directly in a matter of minutes. No pre-joining, flattening, or pre-aggregation needed.

Second, it reduces the barrier of entry to data science because our engineers are continually automating much of the data science and data architecture workloads. Rockset’s platform allows business leaders to get actionable insights from their data on day one without needing to know those questions upfront or to tune those responses later.

Third, it saves money and reduces risk by providing a consumption-based, cloud-native solution. There is no need to set up a heavy local infrastructure and staff it with a team of data platform engineers. Pay for only what you use without an upfront commitment.

People and Culture

Combine that product vision with some truly amazing people coming from Facebook, Google, Stanford, and more. The engineering talent here is insane! They truly care about hearing from the field and improving the product, often overnight! And the collaboration among engineering, product, sales, and marketing means we evolve at lightning speed. Rockset has their HQ just a 20min drive from my house, and I have to admit, it feels good working on a whiteboard again! Teamwork is ingrained in our culture, we care about people’s challenges and are quick to jump in to help get over a hurdle. When we put our minds together, when we collaborate, when we coach one another, it’s like we’re in a single boat rowing in the same direction.

When onsite, grab lunch with the SREs (who know the best ramen spots in San Mateo) or compare bike trails in Crystal Springs Reservoir with Venkat, our CEO. If you like skiing I know a couple engineers who are heading up to Lake Tahoe this week. Work hard, play hard!


Roll back the clock to 2015 when I joined AppDynamics, a leader in application observability (Cisco acquired AppDynamics for $3.7B in 2017). This was my first pre-sales role and I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, devouring their proven sales methodology that had propelled the AppDynamics rocketship. With foundations in MEDDIC and 3Whys, it was more about the calibre of our people and the culture of coaching through teamwork, underpinned by a maniacal focus on customer success. It was there, in the February 2015 onboarding boot camp, that I met Ryan Precious, who now runs our global sales, and we have the opportunity to bring our collective experience to a new rocketship and a new wave of bright-eyed bushy-tailed future leaders.


I live in Woodside, California with my girlfriend, Marissa, and we both live a healthy lifestyle (soon to be more active with the addition of a puppy). We’re avid hikers, campers, bikers, and have started fly-fishing on the Eel and Russian Rivers. Even after leaving Michigan’s wooded Upper Peninsula (“da U.P.”) nearly 13 years ago, I am just as at home in the mountains and wine country. As Rockset is keen on a healthy work/life balance, I’m hoping they have a bring your dog to work day. ;- )

Rockset is the real-time analytics database in the cloud for modern data teams. Get faster analytics on fresher data, at lower costs, by exploiting indexing over brute-force scanning.

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