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AI Technology Helps eCommerce Brands Optimize for Mobile

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Not unless you live in the most remote part of this world or somewhere underground, chances are that you have heard something about Artificial Intelligence (AI). But how does AI technology help eCommerce brands optimize for mobile?


Artificial Intelligence is becoming a big part of how different industries operate. The popularity of smart devices, security checks, research in the healthcare industry, and self-checkout registers are just a few examples of areas where AI is prominent.

The eCommerce industry has not been left behind. eCommerce business owners are looking for ways to use AI to improve their customers’ experience, increase sales, and streamline operations. 

Here are a few ways AI technology helps eCommerce brands optimize for mobile;

Consumer Data Analysis

AI technology allows eCommerce brands to develop personalized and targeted marketing messages by analyzing consumer data from their eCommerce apps. However, these messages are created to fit into the requirements of a mobile app.

Brands obtain consumer patterns and trends from their eCommerce apps using AI. They also gain insights into the preferences of their customers using their mobile apps. This allows them to design the apps to match these preferences.

With such data, they know the kind of ads and targeted messages to send to each of their customers. They are also able to identify the right marketing times for such messages, allowing them to have a constant flow of traffic into their eCommerce mobile applications.


Advancements in technology have played a major role in pushing businesses towards automation. Today, tasks that would take days only need a couple of minutes to be completed. This is because of automation.

With new trends such as dropshipping in the eCommerce industry, we are seeing companies such as Spark Shipping using technology for eCommerce dropshipping automation. This requires AI technology to identify and give insights into different metrics.

Using AI, eCommerce dropshipping business owners can identify what their customers want when they visit their mobile applications. This information can be used to display the products that a customer is most likely going to buy.

Voice Search

Voice search is reshaping digital marketing in different industries. There is a lot of potential for eCommerce brands that want to use AI to implement voice search in their eCommerce applications. Using AI, eCommerce brands can learn about customer preferences, instructions, requests, queries, and interactions.

Using this data, they can segment and profile all users who access their eCommerce mobile applications. Using emerging technologies, they can streamline voice search ensuring that customers’ voices are easily recognizable.

Immediately after a returning user introduces themselves, the app can bring products that that particular user wants to see. They (customers) can interact with the mobile app without having to type anything. This is all made possible by AI technology.

Adding a Personal Touch with Chatbots

A chatbot can be defined as a computer program that is used to streamline conversations between eCommerce applications (or any other web application) and their customers.

Powered by AI, eCommerce brands can use chatbots to handle multiple tasks in their eCommerce businesses. For instance, you can use chatbots to automate all order processes in your mobile application.

When it comes to customer service, AI has learned everything about the operations of your app. This means that these chatbots can answer any question from your customers. All this happens in your app, without your intervention.

Dynamic Pricing

Initially, running an eCommerce business meant that you had to manually change your product prices whenever the need arose. Today, you can use AI to automatically change these prices instead of keeping fixed ones.

When a customer visits your eCommerce mobile app, they expect reasonable prices depending on the market. If you decide to do this manually, you are going to waste a lot of time, and the chances of errors will be very high.

In addition to dynamic pricing, AI technology can also be used to determine the consumers who need a discount even before converting. This way, you will make sure that price cuts are only available to customers who will make a purchase.

Artificial Intelligence is going to change every other industry in the next few years. As you can see above, eCommerce brands can use this technology to optimize their operations for mobile.

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